Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace 'Accidental' Nipple Slip Again


Oh look what we have here, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace nipple slip happening at a promotion for her book. I think Aisleyne pushed her boobs to the limit to promote her new book. Ex-Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan Wallace was at a London book signing event and instead of signing books she showed off her nips. She wrote a book about how her 15 minutes of fame ran out so she had to start going topless everywhere she went, ironically at her book launch party her nipple slithered out of her tight ass dress.

Her boobs are always popping out cause she is always in desperate need for any attention. England is full of skanks and sluts like her that say they are glamour models. Sometimes you would think that "glamour model" easily translates to sluts willing to sucking cock and show off their bodies in public to get their stupid faces in men magazines. Every female in England seem to want to be a glamour model and a Page 3 Girl, and we should not complain because that should keep the nipple slips and upskirts coming from the UK. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (pronounced /æʃliːn hɔrɡən wɒlɪs/) (born December 28, 1978 in London, England) is a British glamour model, television personality and fashion designer. She first became known in 2006 when she appeared on the seventh series of Big Brother in the UK in which she placed third.

Prior to entering the house Aisleyne had worked as a glamour model. Since leaving the house she has done shoots with Nuts, Zoo and the Daily Star. Prior to entering the house Aisleyne had worked as a glamour model. Since leaving the house she has done shoots with Nuts, Zoo and the Daily Star. In 2007, she shot her first calendar. In 2007, she shot her first calendar.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace entered the Big Brother house on Day 12 as a prize during the "Meal or No Meal" task. While in the house she clashed with fellow housemates Nikki Grahame and Grace Adams-Short. On Day 44, she was voted by the public to move into the House Next Door to join five new housemates. During her stay Next Door, she had to evict four of her new housemates. However three of them moved into the main house and only one of them was actually evicted.

On Day 93, she left the house with 22% of the vote to win. She was the highest placed female housemate of the series.

During Big Brother 7, via the official Channel 4 (Eve Community) Big Brother Forums, an Aisleyne appreciation society known as FAKERS, evolved. This is documented on Aisleyne’s official web site in the section: “About the FAKERS“, and along with a similar society on Digital Spy (Team Aisleyne), gave rise to a rush of popularity for Aisleyne. It was reported that this popularity left the Big Brother bosses in a panic. A show insider claimed that the producers had planned to engineer who would make it into the final and did not expect the swing in public support for Aisleyne. The FAKERS (Fans of Aisleyne, Keeping 'Er Real Society), are now an integral part of Aisleyne’s web site.

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