Friday, 22 May 2009

Louise Griffiths Nipple Slip in Miami


If you have always wanted to see the blurry nipple of a famous chick you've never heard of, today is definitely your lucky day. She is the one in the bikini standing next to Jesse Spencer from House. Her name is Louise Griffiths and she dumped Jenson Button (I think they were actually engaged) when his future as a Formula 1 driver was in the toilet before he got a chance to become F1 champion then. I'm sure she won't regret that when her TV and modeling career takes off. Soon. It will. Really. LOL... I will bet you she will kill herself if (more like when the way things are going in the recent 4 races) Jenson win the World Championship. Anyway, here is a nipple the man of the hour in F1 used to suck on before she kicked him to the corner. So what does a championship F1 driver make these days $25 million- $30 million per year, damn downturn in the economy. Micheal Schumacher was making over $45 million before he retired so 25 mill is nothing, but Jesse Spencer came only dream of earns like that. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Louise Griffiths (born July 31, 1978 in Hertfordshire, England) is a female pop singer and songwriter and actress. She is the daughter of a London taxicab driver, and she also plays the saxophone. She was a contestant in the BBC television series, Fame Academy in 2003.

Griffiths was a member of an all girl band, Orchid, who originally recorded the hit song "Sound of the Underground" in 2001. Their single was never released, but the song was later re-recorded by Louis Walsh's pop band Girls Aloud using Orchid's original backing tracks and backing vocals, for which they were never credited. The song became a #1 hit for Girls Aloud in 2002. Shortly after this Orchid split up.

In 2003 Griffiths was one of the first four students chosen by the public to appear on the second series of the BBC TV show Fame Academy 2 when it was revealed in the press that she was the girlfriend of Formula One driver Jenson Button. Despite complaints that her celebrity boyfriend and former recording and songwriting experience gave her an unfair advantage, she made it to the final eight before being voted out.

Although Griffiths did not get a recording contract after the show, one of the songs she co-wrote with fellow student Alistair Griffin, "The Heart Can't Lie", was included on his debut album Bring It On which reached #12 in the UK album chart in January 2004. Shortly after leaving the show it was reported that she had been given an unreleased song by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers to record, but this was never released.

Having announced her engagement to Jenson Button soon after leaving Fame Academy in 2003, she regularly accompanied him to many motor racing events. Her unreleased single "Catch me if you can", (a song put together by producer Arnon Woolfson, producer of Formula 1's theme tune for ITV) was used by ITV to close their TV coverage of the 2004 Australian Grand Prix. Button later broke off the engagement in 2005, just 12 weeks before their wedding day, amidst much publicity from the British tabloid press.

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